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  • Ann Whitman

Is The Cold Weather Bad For Natural Hair??

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

I wouldn’t like to say that cold weather is bad for natural hair, but you do need to adjust your thinking in the winter months if you want to continue to see growth and healthy hair.

Cold weather can be harsh on natural hair and can cause breakage and further split ends which is what you don’t want.

There is also a lot of friction that goes on during this time so it's best to find ways to prevent unnecessary damage to your hair during this time.

Washing your hair is a really great way to get rid of build-up and keep your hair looking and feeling fresh.

The problem here is that when you use shampoo on your natural hair it can make your hair feel quite dry and this can be a disastrous recipe during those winter months.

Deep conditioning your hair is a perfect way to keep your kinks and curls soft and moisturized. When you deep condition the strands of your hair are penetrated more deeply in ways that a regular conditioner would not be able to do.

If you aren't already using a deep conditioner, I would strongly suggest that you make a start on it.

Keeping your ends trimmed and in check during the winter months is not optional.

Winter is the perfect time for split ends to get worse or to start.

The dryness of the winter air means that more breakage will occur.

Natural hair may look very tough, but the truth is that actually natural hair is very fragile and should be treated gently. You should be taking your time when styling your natural hair already, but it should be even more so in winter months.

Doing protective styles is a great way to give both yourself and your hair a rest.

Just make sure to moisturize your hair really well before you start.

Even having your hair in a bun where the ends are tucked away can be a protective style.

The one thing that people neglect to do when protective styling is to continuously keep their hair moisturized.

You can’t just set it and forget it; you have to still care for it.

You can keep it moisturized by adding a little bit of leave-in conditioner to your hair spritz and use that every few days or alternatively you can use a mixture of aloe vera

and water to spritz your hair with.

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